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The innovative creators behind award-winning food brands.

Yumsh Snacks are the creators behind innovative snack brands including Ten Acre crisps and popcorn and Poptang, Tango flavoured Popcorn. Yumsh Snacks lead the way with their Free From Plus credentials – proudly producing snacks that everybody really can share. Yumsh Snacks believe that everybody should be able to enjoy great tasting snacks…

Yumsh Snacks’ ‘Free From Plus’ credentials, along with innovative flavours and Great British ingredients, allow customers to stock quality snacks that tick all of the boxes regardless of consumers dietary requirements. Yumsh Snacks is committed to delivering great-tasting products without compromising on quality

Since starting in 2014, all Yumsh Snacks products are made in the United Kingdom to the highest standards using only the finest Great British ingredients. All ingredients and packaging are specially selected to comply with strict ‘Free From Plus’ principles.


“The demand for innovative flavours and quality snack products continues to grow. In 2016, just 24 months from launch, Yumsh Snacks first-born brand ‘Ten Acre’ was available to purchase is 35 countries worldwide – this will only continue to grow as the award-winning* ‘quirky’ snacks continue to increase in popularity!”

Since the brand’s launch in 2014, Ten Acre has collected a wide range of prestigious industry recognised awards including 10 Great Taste Awards**   and the internationally renowned award for innovation – the InnAward.

With 17 tantalisingly tasty flavours available – all gluten free, dairy free, MSG and GMO free plus Vegetarian, Vegan, Halal and Kosher certified  – Ten Acre has created a unique range of flavours, as well as the classics – that everybody really can share, regardless of dietary requirement.

“In 2016, Yumsh Snacks created Poptang – Tango flavoured popcorn. Poptang is the only popcorn that uses the fizzy, fruity, tangy flavours of the popular British soft drink, Tango. Officially licensed from Britvic, Tango popcorn offers a unique snacking experience that again everybody can enjoy.”


At Yumsh Snacks, our brands produce snacks using the finest ingredients and allow everybody the chance to enjoy great tasting flavours. We lead the way in flavour innovation and ‘Free From Plus’ snacking  – there is simply no reason for consumers to turn our snacks down!

The Future

Yumsh Snacks proudly produce, and will continue to produce great tasting, innovative snacks that everyone can enjoy…..

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