But is it vegan?

November is Vegan month.What started as World Vegan Day (November 1), then World Vegan Week, and now Vegan Month – there’s no avoiding it. Veganism is mainstream, so it’s never been easier to go vegan for a day, a week or even month! (You’d think). But – one of the common phrases you will hear, or ask yourself, ‘is it vegan?’.

Sneaky Ingredients…

Non-vegan ingredients can be sneaky and pop up in the most unexpected places. Take Salt and Vinegar crisps for example – milk is commonly used in the flavouring. (Unbelievable!)

Popcorn – safe to assume they would be vegan? Wrong! Butter can sneak into those pesky kernels, making it unsuitable for anyone following a dairy-free diet.

Bizarrely – some ‘meaty’ flavours can often be safe for vegans, so it’s safe to say the vegan snack world can be a minefield.

Welcome to Wonderful!

It’s not all doom and gloom, so put those plain rice crackers down as snacking help is at hand. The lovely people behind Ten Acre wanted to create great tasting snacks in a HUGE variety of flavours, that everybody could enjoy – regardless of their dietary requirements! No more magnifying glasses for label reading at the shops – look for the trusty Ten Acre cloud. Flavours include Cheese and Onion (yes, really), Salt and Vinegar, Chicken Soup (yup!), Pastrami (it’s a classic). Hand cooked crisps and popcorn flavours such as Sweet and Salty, Sour Cream and Chive, Strawberries and Cream – and even Cappuccino!

All of Ten Acre’s flavours are suitable for World Vegan Day, World Vegan Week, World Vegan Month as well as for everyone (whether vegan or not) every single day of year. Welcome to wonderful!

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